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9 Wedding Car Traditions You Should Know

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  • 9 Wedding Car Traditions You Should Know

9 Wedding Car Traditions You Should Know

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  • 26 Jun, 2024

A wedding is the biggest day in anyone’s life. It is incomplete without customs and traditions. There are numerous traditions associated with weddings in NSW, Australia and following them is a matter of your personal choice and belief.

Did you know that wedding cars are also associated with Australian traditions? It is not only a luxury transport mode to create unforgettable memories. There are a few famous customs related to wedding cars, wedding dress, groom’s attire, flower’s significance, etc that will blow your mind.

Since wedding day transport became popular in the late twentieth century, so most of the traditions followed today have evolved from that era. So, if you are unaware of these fun and memorable wedding car traditions, consider the following guide and make your big day more memorable.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Hire a Luxury Car

It is a tradition to hire lavish cars, such as Limousine and Rolls Royce to move the bride and her father to the wedding ceremony or transporting newlyweds to the reception venue. However, this completely depends on individual’s estimated budget.

If you can, do proper research and hire a luxury wedding car in NSW and create unforgettable memories for your big day.

2. Usher First

The usher is the person who organise a wedding. He should be the first person to arrive at the wedding venue. His job is to seat guests during the ceremony. Ushers also have the responsibility to direct loved ones to the locations within the venue, such as restrooms.

The fun fact is that they are not part of the wedding party. This means they don’t wear the same costumes as the members of the wedding party.

3. Groom Comes Next

The groom is the person who arrives next to the wedding venue with his best man. Many grooms these days use vintage car for their unique entry. So, it is completely their choice whether to hire a car or not.

4. The Mother of the Bride Follows the Guests

The bride’s mother is the next who travels in the car to reach the location. According to the European and British customs, she should come with the bridesmaids.

5. The Last is the Beautiful Bride

As per the traditions, the bride leaves for the wedding ceremony with her father in the luxury car. This is one of the most emotional moments as the father will give her daughter away to the groom.

6. The Newlywed Couple Leaves Together

After the wedding customs and woes, the Groom and the Bride move together in a luxury car to their reception venue. So, it is always good to hire the chauffer car who can navigate you through the traffic of Sydney or Newcastle with ease.

7. Other Guests Arrive on Their Own

The mother and father of the bride and the groom will travel to the reception venue on their own. They can also hire a spacious car or a van.

8. Securing Shoes at the Back of the Car

The most popular tradition associated with wedding car was to tie old shoes to the back of the car. This tradition is popular to ward off negative energy and evil spirits and keep the newly wed couple safe.

9. Wedding Car Decoration

A white V-shaped ribbon secured to the car’s hood that signifies the beginning of a new married life. You can also decorate your luxury car with fresh flowers and other items that resonate with the couple’s personality and make the most of your wedding car experience.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most popular wedding traditions that will make your big day memorable while keep all the evil spirits at bay.

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