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Silver Cloud Hire Car Fleet for weddings

(1)  1957     Rolls Royce  "Cloud 1" Two Tone Silver
(1)  1961     Bentley  "S2"Two Tone Silver
(1)  1963     Bentley  "S3" Two Tone Silver
(1)  1982     Daimler   Black Over Silver Daimler Limousine
(1)  1991     Daimler   Champagne Over Gold Daimler Limousine
(2)  1981     Daimler   Two Tone Silver Daimler Limousine
(2)  1976     Daimler   Magnolia Daimler Limousine
(1)  1947     Mk4 Jaguar   Cream Convertible
(2)  1947     Mk4 Jaguar    Gun Metal Grey Sedans
(2)  1948     Mk5 Jaguar   Old English White Convertible
(1)  1948     Mk5 Jaguar   Silver Convertible
(1)  1948     Mk5 Jaguar   Cream Convertible
(1)  1948     Mk5 Jaguar   Champagne Over Gold Sedan
(2)  1948     Mk5 Jaguar   Old English White Sedans
(3)  1948     Mk5 Jaguar   Black over Silver Sedans
(1)  1954     R Type Bentley   Magnolia Sedan
(2)  1949     Mk6 Bentley   Black Over Silver Sedans
(2)  1949     Mk6 Bentley   Two Tone Silver Sedans


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