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Sydney is a very exciting place and the beauty of our city makes the perfect back drop for those lucky enough to select one of our famous locations to create wedding day memories. You will not need to travel to far to find a breathtaking setting.

Some of our favourite wedding photography locations are show below. Just in case you might find a spot not listed remember Sydney does have a lot to offer and we would welcome your contact and the information for other future brides and grooms. CONTACT

The Rocks

The Historic Rocks is more than a tourist precinct, it is a very historic area of Sydney's city centre. Housing two of the oldest pubs in Australia, The Fortune of War and the Lord Nelson. The Rocks is located on the western side of Circular Quay right on Sydney Harbour and was established during the colony's formation in 1788. The original buildings were made almost totally of the local sandstone, thus the name, "The Rocks."

Because of the close proximity to Circular Quay and the views across harbour to the of the famous Sydney Opera House, the iconic Harbour Bridge and the historic nature and age of many of the buildings, makes The Rocks very popular with brides and groom for wedding photos not to mention the tourists.


Photo - The Rocks Sydney

Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill a wonderful angulating parkland with its shady aged trees, park benches and some of the most specular views across the harbour to North Sydney with the Harbour Bridge in the forefront. The Sydney Observatory which was built in 1858 is also located on Observatory Hill. This is Australia's first observatory and can be found open to the public throughout the year.

It is a very popular place with locals, visitors, and Bridal parties who spend much time creating photographic memories in and around the wonderful rotunda. It is worth putting Observatory Hill on your list for photos and at the same time enjoy the sweeping, panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge for free and it is nestled in the city centre.


Photo - Observatory Hill

Luna Park Lavender Bay

Lavender Bay is a beautiful harbourside suburb on the Northern side of Sydney only three kilometres from the centre of Sydney. Interestingly Lavender Bays was named after the bosun on the prison hulk "Phoenix", George Lavender. The bay was originally named Hulk Bay and at other times called Phoenix Bay.

There are three combine parklands Clark Park, Watt Park, Quibaree Park. Clark Park features great views to the Harbour Bridge and has benches and abundant shade. Moving down the hill towards the water you head into Wendy's Secret Garden a wonderful place to take photos and a place to explore.

Heading down further and underneath the railway you come to Quibaree Park. This narrow strip of waterfront is sandwiched between the calm waters of Lavender Bay and the train tracks all very interesting for wedding photos. From here you can use the walking trail right along the harbour a short distance to Luna Park where you can meet up with the wedding cars. It is very scenic and the ideal location to take the best photos.


Photo - Luna Park Lavender Bay

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens - Was founded by Governor Macquarie in 1816 as part of the Governor's Domain. The first Colonial Botanist was Charles Fraser, appointed in 1817. The Botanic Gardens is thus the oldest scientific institution in Australia. Dublin Moore was the Director for some 48 years he did much to develop the Botanic Gardens in their modern form. He sorted the issues of poor soil, inadequate water without a lot of funds to develop much of the Gardens as we see them today. The Moreton Bay Figs were one of the major elements of this planting and they continue to dominate the landscape today.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 30 hectares set right in the heart of Sydney. The gardens roll down to the Sydney Harbours water's edge occupying one of Sydney's most spectacular positions. Standing on the western head land or the foreshores creates a magnificent backdrop with the city builds soring to the skyline, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the iconic Luna Park sitting in the background. The sunsets in the west shining down the harbour making the water glisten. Wedding cars have access right into the gardens and more than one bride and groom can be accommodated at the same time.


Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Sydney Heads

The sunsets from the Heads can be one of the best ways to impress just about anyone, brides and grooms from all over Sydney come to the Heads to take wedding photos and create long lasting memories, visitors and guests are often surprised by how beautiful the views are. The green heath covered clifftops at North Head turn your eyes to the fantastic ocean views and the spectacular panorama of the harbour with the Sydney skyline set in the background. It can be a very relaxing wedding car, ferry, water taxi or private launch ride from Circular Quay.

South Head is a headland, just north of Watsons Bay which offers dramatic views of Middle Head, and across to North Head, the Pacific Ocean and Manly, you could start at Camp Cove Beach, which has a 1870s cobblestone path that leads to Lady Jane Beach. A fantastic location for walking wedding photos. The path loops around the headland, near the Hornby Lighthouse, and cottages, there are also several gun emplacements, making for interesting wedding pictures.

Then we have Middle Head which is a headland set between North Head and South Head, right beside Middle Harbour. Guns, Fortifications and tunnels are the go here! All the Heads locations are can be fun places to have wedding photos taken.


Sydney Heads

Sydney Opera House

The most famous building in Australia and one of only a few widely recognised structures in the world. - The Sydney Opera House and you are able to visit, walk the grounds and take the most wonderful wedding photos with Sydney harbour and our affectionately nicked named coat hanger Harbour right in the back ground.

Wedding cars have access and can drop you at the door! From the front of the Opera House you have the glissading waters of the harbour with Fort Denison just to your right, the harbour Bridge to you left and it is only a short stroll to the Botanical Gardens, wedding photos can be taken from left to right every direction has something beautiful to offer. The Sydney Opera House is just about the most visited attractions in Australia, some seven million people visit the Opera House every year and you can have your wedding photos taken here!


Sydney Opera House

Hyde Park Sydney

Hyde Park in Sydney is Australia's oldest park and is set between Elizabeth Street and College Street opposite St Marys Cathedral in the centre of Sydney.

Hyde Park features the iconic Archibald Fountain and various theme gardens including Sandringham and Nagoya Gardens, numerous monuments and water features and statues. You will find the visitor centre and the ANZAC Memorial building with the Pool of Reflection and monuments.

Hyde park contains over 550 mature exotic and native trees including the historic central avenue of Hill's Figs which line the central pedestrian avenue running from Macquarie Street to the ANZAC Memorial making the park an ideal place for wedding photos.


Hyde Park Sydney

Sydney University


Sydney University

Martin Place Sydney


Silver Cloud

Bronte Beach Sydney


Bronte Beach Sydney

Bondi Beach Sydney


Bondi Beach Sydney

Vaucluse House Sydney


Vaucluse House Sydney

Government House Sydney


Government House Sydney

Western Sydney University


Western Sydney University

Old Government House Parramatta


Old Goverment House Parramatta

Silver Cloud Wedding Cars has access to just about every photo location in the city day and evening, as an example, in the heart of Sydney photos taken in The Rocks, Martin Place or in William Street with the lights of Kings Cross in the back ground. The Art Gallery is a fantastic place for night photos as is the Opera House and many others. Ask our wedding coordinator when booking your wedding cars and don't forget the escape or wedding reception getaway car. As mention Sydney can be a very exciting place and our Sydney brides and grooms are able to take full advantage of having wedding photos taken in our wonderful city.

Silver Cloud Wedding Cars has 37 magnificent classic cars on display in the showrooms at 47 Brodie Street Rydalmere. Your visit is welcome Monday to Friday by appointment and our Open Nights are Monday and Wednesday until 9.30 pm.

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