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The Daimler is the last of the real luxury limousines, affectionately nicknamed "the Old Lady".

The car was built from 1968 until 1992. Quite a few small changes were made during the 25 years of production, but the overall shape remained the same. Interesting facts; The Daimler Company in England was founded in Coventry way back in 1893.

Jaguar purchased the company in 1960. 4141 Daimler limousines were built, and another 903 cars were delivered in chassis-only form to other manufacturers to turn into other body modified forms of transport.

Dozens of businesses, companies and even Royalty purchased the limousine, Hertz/Daimler Hire, Avis bought many of the Daimlers, The Regent hotel in Hong Kong purchased over 20 of the cars.

The Daimler was very a popular Limousine and still is today, it has been purchased for Heads of State, Ministries of Defence. In some cases the vehicle was fitted and equipped with armour plating!

Then the car was so popular, many other Government agencies through out the entire Commonwealth, purchased the car.

The late Queen Mother had five in her stable and other British Royal Mews still have three DS420 limousines in active service.

No wonder the brides and grooms of today enjoy making use of the vehicle as a wedding car.

The Royal Courts of Denmark, Sweden and, HOW ABOUT THIS! The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg also have the Daimler in active service.

Other uses of our famous Daimler are the courts of Spain, Belgium, Monaco, Morocco, Jordania, Bahrein, and many different presidents.

Even the eccentric American billionaire Howard Hughes owned one, he put in a very special interior, including a toilet? The DS420 Daimler was very popular in days gone by and is still today. Many use the vehicle for wedding transportation.

The very spacious interior is ideally set up for the modern bride and caters well for the larger gowns, or it is able to carry up to eight people, so you could have one Daimler for the Bride and Groom and another for the bridal party.

Silver cloud Wedding Cars has five of these wonderful Luxury Daimler limousines on for hire, One in Black over Silver, one in Old English White, one in Champagne and Gold and two matching in Two Tone Silver.
Silver Cloud Cars has many classic wedding cars in the fleet and all can be mixed and matched, so you could have a Mk5 Jaguar Convertible in Silver for the Bride and Groom and then a matching eight seat Daimler Limousine for the bridal party.


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