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Your Wedding Day in Country New South Wales can be the Best!

Country Classic Wedding Cars offer the highest standard of quality wedding transportation and reliable service throughout country New South Wales.

Our vehicles are prepared to impress - they are all in beautiful condition and ready for your use with a large variety of cars and combinations that will look good cruising through country lanes.

As you travel from your home or property to the church or the along the highway to a beautiful rural country setting for the ceremony heads will turn.

You are the bride today and everyone will want a glimpse of you.

Whether you choose the beautiful Riverina in spring or the New England Highlands amongst the colour of autumn leaves country New South Wales has a variety of desirable destinations for a wedding.

Classic Car Gallery

Browse our photo galleries to see the different classic cars available. Wherever it is in Country New South Wales we can arrange for you wedding cars to be the best on offer. Click on the images below to view photos of our range of cars and combinations.

See the selection of our wedding cars - ROLLS ROYCE - BENTLEY - JAGUAR - DAIMLER - CLASSIC CONVERTIBLES

Will a wedding getaway or wedding escape car be required?

Getaway Car - this is a car that arrives at the end of reception collects the bride and groom and takes them directly to the overnight accommodation or via a personal photo shoot then to the accommodation.

Selection of Wedding Cars
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Combinations of Colours and Cars
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Classic Wedding Cars - Sydney's Timeless Beauties

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